My Kindle is Showing “Account Authentication Failure”

If you want to use your Amazon Kindle Fire device smoothly then it is important to remain connected with the internet or WiFi. But sometimes, you may say, My Kindle is showing “Account Authentication Failure”. The account authentication failure Kindle Fire is a major problem, as you will not be able to get the updated data, and need to be resolved.  Though there are very simple steps one should follow to resolve this problem and get connected with the internet. Therefore, let’s get started with the steps!

Account Authentication Failure Kindle FireTroubleshooting Account Authentication Failure Kindle Fire!

Every troubleshooting step is explained in detail properly so that you can have the solution to your problem, and may get your Kindle Firework with authentication. So, follow these steps one by one and check your device after every step. If it starts working after a particular step, then stop at that point and there is no need to follow the further steps:

Step 1: Airplane Mode On/Off

Sometimes, there used to be some network interference and it is in airplane mode without being shown in the panel. Therefore, there is a need to first check the airplane mode on/off.

  • First, turn on the airplane mode from the settings panel.
  • Then after some time, turn off the airplane mode.
  • Then try to connect again with the WiFi. 
  • The Kindle Fire device will reconnect with the WiFi itself resolving the problem.

Step 2: Perform restart operation for the router

Most of the time, performing the restart operation will troubleshoot most of the problems by itself. Therefore, follow these steps to perform the restart operation:

  • First, disconnect the router from the power source.
  • Now, connect it again to the power source, and tap the power button of the router.
  • Push and hold the power button for some time and then release it to restart the router.
  • After the restart of the router, in the list of the network, select the forgot password option for your network.
  • Then, enter the password again and try to connect again with the WiFi.

Step 3: Authentication Key Instead of Password

The password may create a problem sometimes. Therefore, you can use the authentication key instead of the password.

  • Find the wireless key digits on the router.
  • Enter those instead of the password for the authentication of the network.

Step 4: Change the Configuration of Network

You need to change the configuration of the network because the wrong configuration will also lead to the account authentication failure of Kindle Fire. Therefore, follow the steps given below:

  • Check the configuration for the network. 
  • If the configuration is on ‘g’ only, then let it be as it is.
  • Otherwise, from the configuration of the wireless network b/g/n, change it to ‘g’ to make Kindle fire work.

Step 5: Update the Router

Check the updates for the router, and then install them. It is so because if the latest update will not be installed, then it will lead to a connection for the Kindle Fire.

Step 6: Factory Reset the Router

If you have changed some settings, and don’t know what they are , they can also lead to this problem. As you may have changed that setting which is responsible to access the internet.

  • Press and hold the reset button of the router for some time.
  • Then restart the router.
  • As all the settings have come back to default again.
  • Therefore, try to connect the Kindle Fire again with the router. 

Kindle Fire Connected to WiFi!

These all were the troubleshooting steps that will help in connecting the Kindle Fire to the WiFi. It will resolve the issue of account authentication failure Kindle Fire. Wrapping up, as you are now connected to the WiFi, therefore, you can download the latest shows on Kindle Fire!